Fallen World

Weaving a Tale

Lilly’s Town was a mess of destruction that seemed months old. Once the Heroes docked and entered the city, they saw a host of figures in robes of the Swarm battling against horrible creatures found only in nightmares. Before the heroes could rush in, several of these horrors materialized out of the thin air and the battle was on. The heroes rushed to dispatch these creatures of teeth and malice before they could kill all of the Swarm acolytes and indeed, they managed to rescue two of them. Once the battle was over, they noticed peculiar things. The bodies of the fallen acolytes showed no blood and the two survivors ignored the heroes and began walking silently towards the centre of the city. Adar noticed a fine thread pulling these two along and when they examined one of the fallen, they saw that it was a skeleton. Sure enough, the two ambulatory figures were likewise skeletal and unresponsive to any of Hadrian’s questions. The heroes followed the thread.

As they walked through, they saw a scene of peculiar destruction. A gaping hole was made in the town, large and circular like a footprint. Everything in this circle was crushed completely flat. It became apparent that this was where the Temple of the Mother landed. They soon came to the city’s main temple and found it a dilapidated structure. Walking through its dark tunnels, they found even more skeletons and even more strands all working their way into the centre. At the centre, they found what looked like a trash heap until it moved. From this heap, they saw the withered remains of the Orb Weaver. In a tired and strained voice, he told them of what befell Lilly’s Town.

The Mother’s Temple arrived out of the morning mist and then slowly lowered itself on the Eastern Quarter of the city, crushing all beneath. Shortly thereafter, monstrous creatures burst forth and attacked the town and the Temple took off into the sky. The Swarm fought back and began to make headway until the ancient undead enemies of the Swarm took the opportunity while their guard was down to attack. The Swarm fell and the Orb Weaver was twisted into an undead minion. The undead, led by a mad ghast were not prepared for the spawn of the Mother and soon they, too began to fall. Once the ghast died, his control over the Orb Weaver collapsed and, with free will, he took over the remaining undead and organized resistance to the spawn. Once the city was somewhat secure, he sent undead agents into the rest of the mainland to find allies but wherever they went, the Mother and her envoy had been and had made converts or destroyed all in her path. As tales of her coming grew, fewer and fewer folks resisted until the capital city of the Karak Empire bowed to her without bloodshed.

The heroes listened to this tale with a mixture of shock and disbelief. Needing to corroborate, they used rituals both to see with their own eyes and to hear from the mouths of the dead, both of which showed the Orb Weaver to be telling the truth. In their hunt for materials for their rituals, they came across great treasures now lying unregarded in the old reliquary of the Swarm. This moment of celebration was soon cut short by the sounds of crunching coming from the corridors. With weapons drawn, they crept towards the noise and rounded the corner only to find Mister Springfield enjoying an apple. He informed them that the Mother had returned to Glasdrigal.



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