The Swarm

The Swarm is worshiped as the embodiment of both life and death. It is seen as a mindless entity yet one who inevitably embraces all at death so its worshipers devote themselves to it and protecting the world from the unnatural. It is conceptualized as a mass of vermin, most commonly spiders and insects that boil across the world although different sects have different depictions. The Seat of the Cult of the Swarm is in Lilly’s Town where the Orb Weaver sits.

The Swarm is one of the few remaining faiths that acknowledges The Fallen God and traces its origin to the death of this god. According to their faith, after the god fell, the Swarm burst forth from and subsequently fed on his decaying tissue thus becoming a god itself.

A popular hymn of the faith goes, “My Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Coming of the Swarm” Another goes, “The Swarm loves me, this I know. For the Holy Texts say so.”

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The Swarm

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