The Ocean

Those who worship the Ocean do little to argue the power of the Ocean beyond merely pointing to it. They believe the Ocean to be aware and intelligent though a cold and uncaring being. It provides life but can be the source of death at any moment. In the past, there were dark rituals where people were offered to the Ocean as a sacrifice but those days are long over.

According to devotees of the Mother, the Ocean is her progeny and that before this birth, the lands of the world were dry and dusty. The Ocean’s followers disagree.

With the Awakening of the Mother, many priests to the Ocean have defected to her cause and this has caused great conflict and strife where their followers meet. In the midst of this conflict, loyal priests have found themselves with new power and a fiery zeal that borders on madness.

The Ocean has a messenger who claims to speak its will.

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The Ocean

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