Glasdrigal is an island nation once feared as a pirate haven until the Karak Empire invaded centuries ago and put an end to these raids with their warmages and aid from The Dwarven Lands. The end result is a provincial island with a bitter past and a hatred for magic. Devoted to worship of the Ocean, the islanders have turned ever inward and become even more provincial over the years.

Since the Awakening of the Mother, many followers of The Ocean have turned over to devotion of her and this has lead to much conflict on the island as the two faiths battle for souls. After months of fighting, a stalemate has been reached with the followers of the Ocean holding the coast and the devotees of the Mother holding up in the highlands.

Locales found in Glasdrigal

  • Meshev – Main port and trade city
  • Peton – Last bastion of sanity

World Information


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