Fallen World

The Story So Far

Episode 1: Lilly’s Town – Caelon the lost half-breed and Gorda the avenging dwarf are hunting for a father and a murderer respectively when the track leads them to the mysterious Lilly’s Town where they bargain for answers with the death cult known as The Swarm. Defeating a marauding ghoul with the aid of Melwyn the diminutive priest, the Swarm’s High priest, known enigmatically as The Orb Weaver tells them that their prey lies on the isIand of Glasdrigal, Caelon old’s home. Melwyn is sent out to spread the message of the Swarm and to assist these two in their hunt.

Episode 2: Shipwreck – On a ship to Glasdrigal, a great squid attacks, causing Caelon, a wandering mage named Hadrian and a draconic war priest of Bahamut calling herself Akra Darr to go overboard before they wash up on a forlorn jungle island. They are set upon by primordial reptiles, find a trapped monster and discover a hidden Goblin base. While investigating the subterranean dock, a strange underwater vessel surfaces and they are attacked by goblins in strange attire with weapons never seen before. Defeating them, they seize the submersible and the remaining crew consisting of Lieutenant Gorbok and Sublieutenant Britzhev and make their way back to their damaged vessel.

Episode 3: Castle Black – The ship is too damaged to make it to Glasdrigal but the captain believes it can just about limp into port at forbidding island called Blackhaven. There, the heroes meet a friendly if reserved people who speak constantly of The Master at Castle Black. Soon they discover that there is something sinister about this Master and they set off to investigate. They meet with his servant Liam who sets upon them with undead minions whom they defeat before going up against the Master himself. Before doing so, they free a tragic figure trapped in a mirror called Adar who claims to be the last angel of a dead god.

Episode 4: The Master – The heroes stalk up to the battlements to find that the Master is in fact a dark dragon with whom they battle fiercely. Defeating it, they return to the town only to find the inhabitants less than grateful. Lost and rudderless, they seek to make the heroes the new Masters but the heroes decline, settling on trying to prop up the old priest, Father Fel while Adar leaves a fragment of his essence to guide them. As their patched ship sails away, they see the smiling figure of Liam nod to them.

Episode 5: The Invisible Tower – Arriving on Glasdrigal, Hadrian is contacted by an arcane message, beckoning him to a hilltop outside of the town of Meshev. The heroes make their way to the hill but find it weatherworn and empty until they reach the crest when suddenly a tall tower looms over them, seemingly from nowhere. Meeting with Valos, the master of the tower and an old, ambitious student friend of Hadrian, the heroes are offered the chance to join in Valos’ vision of a powerful magocracy which will rule Glasdrigal, an island suspicious of magic users and therefor undefended against such arts. Hadrian defers joining Valos but agrees to assist him in recovering a powerful artifact from the old Pirate Wars when The Karak Empire on the mainland struck at Glasdrigal to cease its history of piracy. The heroes leave, suspicious of Valos’ intentions but curious as to what this artifact could be. As they approach the caverns that hold it, they are ambushed by a madman. The man dies swearing his devotion to The Bright Ones. On his skin is a mark that Hadrian recognizes from the ruins of his master’s murder.

Episode 6: The Book – The caverns are deep and treacherous and hold powerful insectoid beasts. The heroes dispatch them and unearth the treasure Valos sought: an ancient book. The tome proves to be the property of an ancient warmage named Dinaar who met his death in these caves. Hadrian’s study of the book uncovers dire warnings and powerful unknown magics but also reveals a reference to the Rock of the Mantas, which Caelon recognizes as a treacherous area to the south of Glasdrigal where wise sailors keep away. The heroes decide to keep such knowledge from Valos until they know more about the book and its contents.

Episode 7: Peton – When the heroes emerge from the caverns, they are met by a terrible storm and they find themselves lost in the woods until they come to an abandoned farmstead. There are signs of violence but the heroes decide to rest the night. The next day, they venture down the road and find themselves in a seemingly desolate town called Peton. They are challenged by a man claiming to be the sheriff but who turns out to be a bandit who, along with his men, have taken hold of the town. The heroes dispatch them with the aid of a large hairy man-beast from the woods who calls himself Chewbac. Having freed the town, they are met with great celebration by the townsfolk, especially the town’s priest, Father Drey, a devotee to Pelor the sun god, an anomaly on an island that reveres the Ocean as the one true god. They question him about the Bright Ones and he tells them that there have been odd cultists spoken of in rumour throughout the island. Banqueted and provisioned, the heroes decide to turn their attention towards the Manta Rock.

Episode 8: The Manta Rock – The heroes bargain with the goblins for use of their submersible, agreeing to ransom the goblins back to their government which lies to the south. In the meantime, they travel towards the volcanic island of Khir from which they set out to find the Rock of the Mantas. They find it easily enough but it is just a spire of a rock, jutting from the ocean. On the spire, they find the pallid creature Grellk who claims to be the last high priest of the Mother who sleeps below the waves. The heroes take the submersible below, using Adar’s heavenly spear to light the way and discover and ancient sunken city with a mighty temple whose steeple makes up the spire above. They descend further and further into the deep until they enter a massive door into the temple and begin to ascend once inside, mesmerized by the grisly carvings of ancient war and subjugation. Towards the top of this foyer, they see a surface and discover a pocket of air. The heroes step out of the vessel onto a dais above which stands a massive statue of a featureless fecund female. Also on the dais is a talking draconic skull called Araspaketh who they only have enough time to meet before undead sailors from the watery depths shamble onto the dais and attack. They are killed and the heroes take up the skull of Araspaketh as he guides them into the temple.

Episode 9: The Mother – Guided by Araspaketh, the heroes make their way through the sunken temple, learning of the history of the Mother and of her ancient empire and of how she birthed the Oceans who betrayed her with war before lulling her to sleep and guarding her with the serpent Ik Trassel. Araspaketh tells them of how Ik Trassel is the true deceiver and a beast who has tainted this temple with its evil. They return the skull to its lair where it reconstitutes into a more upright if still skeletal form. He explains to Hadrian that the wizard Dinaar had studied of his magics and learned of how to summon beings into the world using the power of the Mother before betraying Araspaketh. The heroes have been bombarded with the constant vibrations that hit the temple and learn it is the beating of the Ocean’s heart, keeping the Mother asleep. After drinking and bathing in the pure waters of the temple, they decide to help Araspaketh free to Mother from the grasp of the serpent Ik Trassel. They find it in the centre of the temple and dispatch him in mighty combat. As his coils melt away from the throne of the Mother, they each see their heart’s desire thanking them and beckoning them to wake her with a kiss. Araspaketh runs to the throne and does so, which causes the Mother to appear much like the fecund and bloated statue at the centre of her foyer. She declares Araspaketh to be her consort and laughs powerfully. The heroes flee the throne room as it shakes and rumbles and what sounds like a siege is heard from outside. Making it to the submersible as the water’s begin to lower, they just make it out of the entrance to find themselves in the air just above the surface of the ocean. Around them are whales and great beasts of the sea and above them is the once sunken temple of the Mother now rising into the sky.

Episode 10: The Ocean – The submersible makes it back to the volcanic island of Khir where the heroes see a crowd, staring in awe at the rising temple. Suddenly a fiery priest named Gratle Singe bursts forth, surrounded in green flames and accuses the heroes of having woken a great and terrible evil and demanding that they be judged by the cold waters of the Ocean. The heroes refuse and combat commences until Hadrian, using the power of the book, summons forth a terrifying beast which quells the crowd and draws disappointment from Adar. Caelon, Hadrian, Adar, and Gorda acquiesce to the charges of the priest and they accompany them to the top of a cliff. Hadrian and Caelon take the plunge into the waters below but Gorda, filled with rage, strikes off the head of Gratle Singe, prompting a riot of the villagers. After her axe has dispatched several of them along with Adar’s reluctant flame, the remaining villagers flee the cliff. Adar sets about trying to heal the ones he could while Gorda sits in horror at what she has wrought. Meanwhile, beneath the waves, Hadrian and Caelon find themselves transported deep down into the darkest parts of the ocean until they are brought to a place lit by green luminescence. They discover themselves in a massive clamshell in the even more massive hand of a giant entity with a squidlike head and a towering body. It calls itself a messenger, an angel of the Ocean and charges the two with having freed a monstrosity. They try to explain themselves but the messenger demands their loyalty and a pledge to stop the monstrosity. This they give and as a sign, they eat of its food, promise to slay Araspaketh, and find themselves being sent back to the surface. Their time below had changed them, allowing them to breathe in the Ocean’s depths without fear of drowning though to their companions they have a strange, moist quality about them. Reunited, the heroes decide to return to Glasdrigal.

Episode 11: The Shattered Tower – Once back on Glasdrigal, the heroes find Peton a changed place. The youths who had been trained in the martial ways by Akra Darr have taken to calling themselves the Children of the Dragon and have organized a militia to defend the town from an island that has seemingly gone mad. The heroes confer with Father Drey and reach the conclusion that they should confront Valos with all they have found and discover if his intentions are honourable or, as they appear, not. Caelon, Hadrian, Gorda, and Adar make their way to the Tower while the others stay behind in Peton to shore up its defenses. When the four make it to the hill, they find nothing but the shattered remains of the tower populated with corpses.

Episode 12: The Music Box – Inside the tower, the heroes find only more wreckage and carnage. They also find a music box sitting in the middle of the chaos. They approacheit and it springs to life, playing a haunting tune before it transforms before their eyes into a spiderlike entity and attacks them. Fireflies, which had been lilting about the wreckage also join in the fray, burning the heroes and singing along with the music. The heroes fight valiantly but then from the rafters come even more winged creatures that seem fixated on the heroes’ teeth. All throughout the fight, they tell the heroes to make a wish and it will all go away. Caelon is the first to fall, then Gorda, then Hadrian. Adar fights alone to his last ounce of strength before wishing that they would all just go away. Darkness falls and they awake some time later in a strange bed in a strange manor. Caelon, Hadrian and Adar are present but they can not find Gorda. They search through the house and find instead its owner, a Mister Springfield. Springfield is a dapper man dressed in green with copper hair, a friendly disposition and very pointed ears. He states that he had found the heroes unconscious on a hilltop and brought them back to his house on the other side of the hill so they could rest and heal. He offers them food but they decline, wanting to find their dwarf. He sends with them a servant and they make their way back to the tower. There they find their dwarf and her goat but also they find a journal and Valos’ book of spells. The journal shows that Valos had been hunting down the same beings who had slain Hadrian’s master, entities he called The Bright Ones. His malevolent posturing was shown to simply be his way of drawing arcane masters to the island to help defend the world from the machinations of these beings. The journal also show that he knew Gorda’s murdered husband and that indeed, they were both working to discover the true nature of these Bright Ones, who seem to be an ancient and malevolent force toying with the world for millenia. The heroes take their dwarf back to Mister Springfield’s only to discover a dinner party is taking place.

Episode 13: The Ocean’s Fury – Back in Peton, Akra Darr, Melwyn, and Chewbac are summoned by one of the young warriors to come quickly for interlopers are spotted. They come and find a group of men led by a priest of the Ocean with the same green fire about him. The priest announces himself as Father Dragos and says that he has come to bring purity back to Peton by taking away Father Drey and by leaving an orthodox priest, Father Windemere to guide the people. In his retinue is a mysterious man covered in tattoos with a feral look to his face but deep cunning in his eyes. The heroes refuse and Dragos has his men attack. The heroes battle them back but in the melee, Dragos and Windemere slip away so that when the minions have been defeated the heroes are shocked to learn that Father Drey has been kidnapped from his own home. The mysterious man, a sorcerer they discover, thanks them for the rescue and offers his services which the heroes accept. There is a sign of a monstrous intrusion and the heroes cautiously make their way after them into the deep woods. They find themselves eventually on the doorstep of an ancient temple to the Ocean, near a cliff that juts out over the sea. They make their way inside but find that a treacherous sheet of ice has been laid down for them. As the heroes struggle to maintain their footing, Father Windemere and a giant serpent attack them. After a difficult fight, they make it to a terrace where Father Dragos is about to sacrifice Father Drey. Akra Darr lunges for Drey while Chewbac calls upon the earth to bring forth vines that wrap around the two priests while Melwyn fires a bolt of cobwebs at Dragos, knocking him into the waiting arms of his god.

Episode 14: The Dinner Party – On the other side of the hill, Hadrian, Adar and Caelon are introduced by Mister Springfield to a Dr. Sommers, a Lady de Winter and a Charles Autumn, all dear and old friends of Mister Springfield’s. They all dine on excellent foods and wines while discussing their adventures. The heroes are somewhat cagey but as their dwarven ally is healing in the hospitality of the house, they remain polite. The dinner flits from one subject to another until Lady de Winter lets it slip that Mister Springfield is, in fact, Caelon’s father. Springfield confirms this and also relates how the four of them here are the last of their race that has been in an endless war with the Goblini Empire in the south. He speaks of a crown, stolen by the Goblini and of how he and his kind wish to regain it but have failed to do so. The heroes thank their hosts for their hospitality and leave with considerably more questions than answers. To gain answers, they stop by the shattered tower and call upon the spirit of one of the corpses to reveal how they were killed. The spirit speaks of the Bright Ones coming in the guise of old friends and bringing with them fire and smiles.

Episode 15: The Reunion – The heroes are reunited after much time away in the town of Peton which has become a gathering point for refugees from the chaos of the island of Glasdrigal. The church of the Ocean and the followers of the Mother have been fighting all over. The heroes decide that the next course of action is to see what they can of what’s happening on the island and decide to start with Caelon’s own home of Kevis. Making their way on horse, they find an abandoned wayfarer’s inn, more proof of the strife that has hit these lands. As they approach Kevis, they come to a crossroads and Hadrian hears the sound of a whip’s lash ahead. The heroes know not what to expect and hide in a copse of trees just off the road. Soon, they see a line of men and women, tied together in single file being lead by fierce looking men, including one of religious bearing. Hadrian confronts them and they respond with violence. During the fight, it is seen that they are devotees of the Mother. The battle is long and hard but Hadrian once again summons forth a terrible beast using the magic of Dinaar’s book and the devotees are taken aback. They continue to struggle but once one has been terribly devoured by the summoned beast, the battle is all but over. As the priest in charge surrenders, Caelon is horrified to recognize Father Keelam, his old teacher and priest from his childhood. In further horror he recognizes another assailant as a childhood friend Relar. If that weren’t enough, from the line of slaves a woman’s voice cries out, “Caelon? Son?”

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