Fallen World

We Return in Medias Squid!

After six months of shoring up Peton, our heroes took to the seas only to find themselves beset by the terrible Kraken. During their long and arduous battle defending the submersible, they each thought back to how they had occupied their time since rescuing Caelon‘s mother from the insidious clutches of the Church of the Mother. Caelon had been catching up with his estranged mother who still would say little of his father. Hadrian had been doing more research into the island’s history trying to find some way of ending the conflict between The Ocean‘s and the Mother’s followers. Adar sat in quiet contemplation, meditating on the distant past and searching for glimmers of reflections of his dead god. Melwyn had no difficulty spreading the word of The Swarm to the refugees pouring int Peton and the mysterious sorcerer found himself tormented by visions.

All these insights and adventurers aided the heroes and eventually led them to triumph over the mighty Kraken thus freeing them to pursue their quests.



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