Fallen World

Three Months Ago

Three months ago, the Heroes were back in Peton when a young member of the Sons of the Dragon came barrelling into town and went straight to Father Drey with alarming news. The priest of Pelor asked the Heroes in and told them the dire news. A young Son named Gavin had been stationed in a small inland village of Civelek for the last two weeks to keep an eye out for raiders and cultists. The previous day, a young girl died and Gavin was accused of commiting murder and was going to be “strung up.” Not wasting a moment, the Heroes set off to find out the truth.

Passing a covered wagon whose rider pointed them in the right direction, they soon came to the village. Setting up camp, they opted to approach on foot an not make a great display of their arms. It was dusk and the village was empty save for lights on the hillside. As the Heroes approached, they saw a mighty tree and a figure dangling from it. They arrived just in time to see a bear of a man pronouncing judgement. Hadrian set his staff alight to grab their attention and Akradar proved mighty fierce. The executioner, seeing the distraction, steeled himself and kicked the stool upon which stood the poor lad the Heroes had come to potentially exonerate. Caelon, nimbly running towards him, used his magics to transpose his location with Gavin’s and he wound up in the noose but through a remarkable display of acrobatics and forward momentum, he managed to swing the rope up and wrap his ankles around the branch. Gavin was teleported back to safety, hurt but alive.

The heroes then undertook unravelling the mystery of this small town. It seemed a young woman had been murdered and this young dragon had been the last one seen with her and the swift, brutal judgment of the community had fallen on his neck. The heroes set about proving his innocence with Hadrian chasing down the covered wagon they had passed which turned out to be the village priest who had followed the dictates of the Ocean and thrown the girl into the wet arms of their god. Hadrian followed suit and recovered the body before interrogating her corpse through his alarmingly arcane means. Back in town, the others began trying to piece together what was going on.

In the process, they discovered an old hedge mage who had been secretly teaching the young woman how to harness her inner magical skills. It seemed she was being secretly harrassed by some menacing foe whom the heroes discovered to be agents of the Bright Ones. Their investigations led them to the horrible truth that the young woman’s own brother, little Cagdas had been the murderer, egged on by some invisible friend of his whom he only called “Charlie.” The true killer found and the young dragon saved, the heroes left the sad town behind and carried on with their efforts to keep Glasdrigal from slipping into madness.



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