Fallen World

Straying From the Path

Mister Springfield explained to The Heroesabout the arrival of the Mother to Glasdrigal and offered them direct transportation there via a door between the ruins of Lilly’s Town and his home on The Other Side of the Hill. They debated what would be the wisest course of action but decided in the end to take Mister Springfield’s offer and let their comrades back on the submersible take the long way home, hoping they might arrive when the time is right. Mister Springfield warned them to stay in a straight line and to just follow the person in front of them without straying the path. With that, he opened the door and took them into a mist-shrouded world.

Despite the fog that surrounded them and their limited visibility, the heroes managed to stay on the path and made their way forwards. Time and distance seemed to blur together and they weren’t sure how much time had passed when [[Melwyn] heard a strange flapping noise and then saw a flash of white feathers before his face, making him lose his footing and fall into the mists with a squeak. Akra Darr reached out to grab him by the hair but only managed to be pulled off the path herself. Adar‘s eidolon fell likewise and through their reciprocal nature, Adar found himself falling. Caelon and Hadrian heard and saw something of their comrade’s distress but tried to keep up with Mister Springfield, hoping to somehow convince him to stop and help them find their friends. Mister Springfield pronounced them lost and just moved ever onwards. Hadrian willfully made his way into the mists while Caelon fretted over what to do, shouting at his father to help them. As he made his way forwards, he too caught a glimpse of white and soon he fell away.

When the mists parted they all found themselves in a strange land where colours were more vibrant everything seemed to have a stylized, intensified look to it. They spotted a white raven which quickly perched on Melwyn’s shoulder and after questioning it in various languages, it looked down the road to the sounds of approaching horses. The heroes decided to stand firm and meet these riders head on and so met Captain Salam of the royal guard of the Castle Perilous ruled by King Rydiger. He escorted them towards the palace which sat at the base of Mount Peril, a quiet volcano all the while explaining the local politics and economy. When asked about a local mining concern called the Consortium, he grew quieter and directed the conversation elsewhere. It became very apparent that wherever the heroes were, they were nowhere near home.

Soon they arrived at the throne room of King Rydiger who seemed a dour and sullen man though he was interested in the strangers and where they came from. He summoned his court magician and adviser Mabruk the Magnificent who immediately began to cast suspicions on the heroes, accusing them of arriving right when the king’s son went missing even going so far as to lie about seeing them when the son disappeared. The heroes and Mabruk the Magnificent bandied words, each trying to persuade the king to their cause when Melwyn stepped forward and gave an impassioned plea, aided by his comrades. The king was moved and denounced Mabruk the Magnificent, saying he preferred the hope offered by the heroes than the perpetual gloom whispered by his sage. Mabruk the Magnificent then altered his appearance, going from a wizened old man to a tall, elegant dark elf who declared himself to be in the service of Mizzlegraxt and then brought out his dark elf henchmen and the fight was on.

As the fight progressed, it became clear that these were no ordinary dark elves. Whenever the heroes struck them, their colour faded and their weapons passed through them, revealing them to be ghosts. After much combat, Caelon cast the final spell which weakened Mabruk the Magnificent who as he began to die a final death warned them that Kraxnanymos would rise and when it did, Mizzlegraxt would be reborn and all would suffer. He then turned to chalk and disintegrated. King Rydiger looked on with an ashen face as the heroes tried to figure just what these things were before he finally said that he had heard legends of the ancient dark elven city of Mizzlegraxt and now realized it must be under the very feet of the Castle Perilous. With a pleading look to the heroes he simply said, “Help.”



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