Fallen World


The Heroes made their way from the Welcome Hearth with their bedraggled mages in tow. Conjuring up a team of Phantom Steeds, they all mounted up and made their way for Peton. Before they could arrive, they came across a melee between followers of The Ocean and those sworn to the Mother. Deciding that their interests lay more with the Oceanites, the heroes swooped down. In Adar‘s case, literally. His battle with Charles Autumn had more fully awaken his angelic nature and one shadowy wings, he flew into the combat, pinioning one of the Mother’s priests with his spear. Caelon managed to dispatch one of the horrible summoned creatures and Hadrian used his magics to freeze a patch of land where some of the Mother’s minions were trying to flee. The followers of the Ocean thanked the heroes, saying that their captives would make good sacrifices to the Ocean. Before they could be flung bodily into the sea, the surviving Mother worshipers were questioned by the heroes but all they would allow was that the Mother was coming…soon.

The heroes left the grisly tableau and made their way into Peton which had become a full to bursting shantytown with refugees spilling out of any available housing. Father Drey welcomed them after they were initially questioned by The Children of the Dragon who have continued their defense of the town against all comers. Father Drey explained that tensions were high, resources scarce, and the raids by the followers of the Ocean were not helping. The heroes learned of the high priest Rourke who sat in the Ocean’s cathedral in Meshev and how he was conducting his side of this religious conflict. Deciding that they needed to have words with them, the heroes began to discuss how best to go about it.

Adar explained that ever since fighting Charles Autumn and dealing with those stones from The Aboleths he had lost his connection with his past selves and needed to be made whole. He explained that Blackhaven held the secret and urged his companions to make their way there next. Coming to the conclusion that they needed better transportation with their Goblin submersible still chugging its way back from Lilly’s Town, Caelon decided to try to ask a boon of The Lady de Winter. She heeded his call and, pleased with how he and his allies had dispatched Charles Autumn, gave him use of a white bird who could guide them through the world between worlds and allow them to pass great distances. She warned however, that those realms would take them dangerously close to Mister Springfield and danger…



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