Fallen World

On Dragons, Women, and Other Dangers

Fire blasted from Kraxnanymos’ maw and the heroes were engaged in mortal combat. As they fought the fierce beast, their thoughts turned to the many adventures they had undertaken under Mount Peril that brought them here. As Primrose the minotaur found himself suddenly fighting for his life inside the dragon’s fiery mouth, they recalled the treacherous cave in which trapped them in the cave, their becoming trapped in ancient spider webs, and almost falling to their doom over terrible chasms.

Their path through the caverns had them dealing with puzzled ant men, fending off the madness of the Temple of Lolth, and finding their way around the flaming corpse of a fire giant which stood between them and the dragon they were now fighting valiantly against.

Fire and spells ricocheted around the chamber but when the smoke and steam cleared, Kraxnanymos had fallen and the prince was soon rescued and then the story ended.

The heroes suddenly found themselves looking as they normally did in the smokey world between worlds where Mr. Springfield had taken them before they fell off the path. The white raven who caused their fall transformed into the Lady de Winter and she told them many things, some too terrible to countenance but in the end, Caelon agreed to switch his pact of allegiance from his father to her and in return, she answered their questions and transported them to where the wanted to go: the base of the Bright Ones.

Which is how the heroes foundthemselves on a forested hill top outside a lonely inn.



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