Fallen World

Meeting Steve and Coming Home

The Heroes, heady with victory over the squid flashed back to a week earlier when they were brought the sad and pathetic figure of the Grellk. He told them of how he was rejected by the Mother and her new consort before being flung out of the flying temple and into the ocean where he was tempted by The Angel of the Ocean into betraying his erstwhile god. Refusing, he made his way to Peton and found our heroes who wisely mistrusted this pale creature. From his speech, they learned of two things. One: the temple and its inhabitants were making their way to the mainland to do all sorts of mischief, they had no doubt. Second, they learned of the Aboleths who dwelt deep in the waters and who had contact with the Mother. Adar remembered the Aboleths from a great crusade on which his god sent him and his angels to save the world from their insidious and terribly cruelties. Banished to the waters they remained, biding their time. As they were about to leave, strange magicians and wizards appeared, seeking Valos’ promised magical kingdom.

Back on their submersible, the heroes went down and down into the watery depths into the hole left by the Mother’s temple’s ascent, their kraken-damaged vessel the worse for wear. Despite the waxing gloom and groans of the ship, they descended further and further into almost pitch darkness. At the point when they could go no further a flash of white brilliance blinded them and they found themselves on a featureless white plane populated by only by themselves and an approaching stranger. He wore strange yet formal dress and called himself Steve and suggested that maybe they were lost. Before he could do anything else, he recognized Adar and with a shouted prayer from Akra Darr the pure white world began to shudder and bruise. Steve and Adar traded harsh words of old compacts and promises kept and broken. It soon became apparent that Steve was unaware of the passing of Adar’s god and Adar and the party decided not to correct him. He spoke of the water as their domain and of his interactions with the Mother. Before they were sent away, Steve turned to Hadrian and told him, “I’ll give you this for free: the Ocean is not the Servant but the Servant is the Son.” With that enigma, they found themselves back to reality and on their way to the mainland. To Lilly’s Town.

Melwyn described with great pride and wonder the glories of his town for those who had not been there. The spires, the streets, the people. As they came into dock they saw those same spires as he described them. Between those spires, they saw only destruction and fire and despair.



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