Fallen World

Down Down

Having made their way to the Consortium, the Heroes met up with Flavio Marcocchio, the director and he listened to their request to venture down the shaft. Hesitant at first and cagey with the details, he hemmed and hawed and many of the heroes began to grow suspicious of him. Finally he laid out what he wanted. The mine had been plagued with gnolls and Marcocchio told the heroes that if they wanted access to the further recesses of the caves below, they would have to clear out the gnolls first and help recover stolen mithryl. Still uncomfortable with the arrangement but seeing no other choice, the heroes agreed.

Given healing potions and a scrappy guide named Preeti Torul, they descended the elevator down into the depths, still uneasy with their agreement with the Consortium. When they arrived at the right level, they met Kalev Hunt who was in charge of security and told them that the gnolls had been skirmishing with the Consortium for some time but that there had been fewer attacks recently but that they were still a threat. The heroes learned of one particularly nasty gnoll who dressed himself in bones and seemed to be followed by wicked looking hyenas.

Traveling past the stockade and into the scratched out caves the gnolls had made, they came to an area past giant holes in the earth and were set upon by the gnolls who were defending a little scrabbled together bulwark. Archers and slavering fighters launched their attack followed by a hulking brute and this strange, cackling bone-clad leader who shouted, “Treachery!” when combat began. After a brutal fight where monstrous undead hyenas were raised from the very earth and Caelon fell to their deprivations, the heroes managed to conquer the beasts and made ready to see just what more lurked in the dark.



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